Historical Context of the Doctrine & Covenants

Kurt Elieson

The story of the Doctrine & Covenants

The easiest scriptures to understand are the ones that have stories. Several Church leaders have said that a key to understanding the Doctrine & Covenants is to become familiar with its story. This book tells that story in a single continuous narrative.

Historical Context of the Doctrine & Covenants has different strengths than a commentary. It immerses the reader in a story full of first-person quotes so the historical background is not only understood, but experienced. Every single section is seamlessly integrated into the fabric of church history, including the problems people faced, how the section was implemented, and its relationship to other revelations that came before and after. References to people, activities, and circumstances now make intuitive sense.

Each section is also briefly summarized to highlight its message, its train of thought, and its role in the development of Mormon doctrine.

Volume 1: D&C 1-70, 74, 107, 133

Volume 1 covers the years 1820 to 1831 and is available for free here as a PDF file or can be purchased here as a Kindle edition or paperback through Amazon.com.


Volume 2: D&C 71-73, 75-132, 134-138

Volume 2 will cover the remainder of the Doctrine & Covenants.

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